7 Reasons To Try New Game-Changing Formula, SALTHEAD™, Available at Nutrishop 

7 Reasons To Try New Game-Changing Formula, SALTHEAD™, Available at Nutrishop 

Advanced electrolyte product appeals to anyone looking to fuel their body and their mind
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HENDERSON, Nev. Nov. 30, 2023 — Nutrishop®, a leader in innovative health and fitness solutions, is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking product, SALTHEAD™ by Xcelerated Performance Products® (XP2). Available exclusively at NutrishopUSA.com and Nutrishop locations nationwide, this advanced electrolyte formula transcends other products in its class with the inclusion of 100% Pink Himalayan Salt, 72 trace minerals, and a hefty dose of the nootropic ingredient Choline Bitartrate. In a world where dehydration often goes unnoticed, SaltHead emerges as a game-changer for your body and mind.

“SaltHead goes beyond typical electrolyte supplements,” said Bryon McLendon, CEO and founder of Nutrishop. “It offers a comprehensive approach for hydration, cognitive support, and overall wellbeing. Whether you’re a performance athlete, a 9-to-5er, or someone just trying to be healthier, SaltHead is for you.”

Here are 7 Reasons to try SaltHead today.

1. Increase Your Hydration Game: Research shows that nearly three-quarters of Americans are dehydrated, and many don’t even know it. But you should know that proper hydration extends beyond drinking more water or merely having water in your body. It's about mineralization. You must have the right electrolyte balance to regulate fluid levels and ensure water reaches your tissues.

2. Support Optimal Performance: Did you know electrolytes are also crucial for your muscles? Sodium is needed for muscle contractions, while potassium helps with muscle recovery. Electrolytes are also essential for nerve function, especially in the brain, and they help maintain energy levels, which is just as important at work as when you hit the gym.

3. Embrace the Power of Pink: SaltHead’s star ingredient, Pink Himalayan Salt, provides essential electrolytes and offers additional minerals that contribute to optimal health. This carefully chosen salt elevates SaltHead above typical electrolyte supplements by avoiding potentially harmful microplastics found in some forms of regular salt.

4. Boost Your Mental Edge: Each serving of SaltHead contains 1.5 grams of the nootropic Choline Bitartrate (yielding 600 mg of Choline), a highly sought-after ingredient known for supporting cognitive function.

5. Support Vitality: SaltHead includes a robust blend of 72 ionic trace minerals, which support internal bodily processes while contributing to overall health and vitality.

6. Prioritize Your Overall Wellbeing: In an era where health-conscious choices matter, SaltHead stands out as a sugar-free electrolyte supplement with zero synthetic colors. This ensures you enjoy the benefits of SaltHead without unnecessary additives.

7. Treat Your Tastebuds: Released in two delicious flavors—Salty Watermelon and Salty Raspberry—SaltHead ensures a refreshingly tasty experience.

Chanel Marie of Laguna Niguel, Calif., who was one of the first to get her hands on the new SaltHead Electrolyte Formula, can attest to SaltHead’s superiority. “It’s now my go-to while on the go, and it’s perfect after a big night out!” she said.

To learn more or to order SaltHead today, visit NutrishopUSA.com or your local Nutrishop store. Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle by incorporating this revolutionary product into your routine.

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