NUTRISHOP® Stores Now Offering Curbside Pickup and Home Deliveries of Dietary Supplements, Vitamins, and Food Items

NUTRISHOP® Stores Now Offering Curbside Pickup and Home Deliveries of Dietary Supplements, Vitamins, and Food Items

NUTRISHOP® franchisees are providing new and timely services to help people achieve and maintain their health and wellness.
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Henderson, NV, April 8, 2020 – NUTRISHOP® franchisees are working diligently to provide additional services to their communities during the COVID-19 crisis because they feel a sense of responsibility to help people achieve and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

“We’re doing everything we can to support our communities,” said Madison Avedikian, who owns the Brea, Calif. NUTRISHOP® store. “We’re coming up with new services and new ways to help our customers and we’re striving to be a light and a positive resource in these unprecedented times.”

Although NUTRISHOP® stores have shut down many of their in-store services, some new offerings include curbside pickup, home delivery, and meal-plan updates/changes discussed over the phone. Stores are maintaining CDC standards and are adhering to social-distancing rules. They are also stocking up on vital nutrition and wellness products like proteins, greens, superfoods, and vitamins/minerals, which is particularly valuable when whole-food protein, fruit and vegetable sources are hard to come by at the local grocery stores. People can also choose to shop online for their favorite products at if they prefer.

In an effort to foster a greater sense of community and “togetherness” while everyone is practicing social distancing, NUTRISHOP® franchisees are beefing up their social media presence to provide workouts, 30-day workout challenges, wellness tips, nutrition advice, free giveaways, recipes, and more.

“People are so focused on their social media right now,” said NUTRISHOP® founder and CEO Bryon McLendon. “We want to share stories and content that will help take their mind off any stress and anxiety they may be feeling and instead provide positive and helpful tips they can use right now to stay fit and healthy.”

Since its inception in 2003, NUTRISHOP® locations have helped individuals achieve various health and fitness goals by offering top-quality dietary and nutritional supplements coupled with services that include customized meal plans, nutritional coaching, body composition scans, transformation challenges, corporate wellness events, and more.

“What we’re going through right now has taught us more than ever that we have to have a strong immune system and we need to be in the best shape of our lives,” said Avedikian, who got into this business because of her passion to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. “We can help you with that.”

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Since 2003, NUTRISHOP® has been dedicated to helping others live a fit, happy and healthy lifestyle. NUTRISHOP® stores offer customers a low-price guarantee on a wide array of cutting-edge dietary supplements along with exceptional, individualized customer service, easy-to-follow meal plans, body composition assessment tools and sound nutritional guidance. The NUTRISHOP® business model focuses primarily on franchisee-owned and operated stores that provide consumers with the necessary tools to achieve their health and fitness goals. Learn more at

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