Sisters in Life, Music and Healthy Living

Sisters in Life, Music and Healthy Living

The sisters who form the band Jamilah are fitness fanatics and all-around lovers of life with a goal to inspire women worldwide to chase their dreams.
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Ruba and Luna Ibrahim are sisters from Southern California who are full of life and personality and they’re not afraid to let it all hang out. They are singers who created the hip hop/pop artist group known as “Jamilah” (which means beautiful in Arabic); they're fitness fanatics, and all-around lovers of life. Their goal is to inspire women worldwide to chase their dreams and not let anyone or anything else stop them. 

“Jamilah represents beauty both inside and out, and we hope our music and platform will inspire others to reach their best self,” the sisters said. 

The sisters are gearing up for their first live event this summer 2022. In the meantime, we caught up with them for a little Q&A sesh. Here is what they had to say:

How did you get involved in music and how long have you been doing it?

We have been into music as long as we can remember, putting on shows for our parents and family members at the young age of 7 and 8 years old. However, we were not allowed to pursue our dreams for cultural reasons until a few years ago. We began our group, Jamilah, in 2019, building our sound and brand for a year before finally dropping music in Feb 2020.

Why does being fit and healthy matter to you? 

Our fitness journey began at 11 and 12 years old when we both got our first gym membership at Bally’s Total Fitness in West Covina. Being overweight, Ruba decided to turn to fitness, and little sister followed her big sister. It became our lifestyle from then on to work out, not only for physical progress but also for our mental health! 

What has been one of the greatest challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome it? 

Luna: About three years ago, I was in a dark place where my eating habits fell off completely and I lost my appetite. It became almost impossible – or what I felt like impossible – to gain weight. I removed myself from a bad environment and invested in myself and my growth. I learned even more about fitness, how important eating habits are for muscle growth, and what I could do to gain healthy weight. I have gained 20 pounds through changing my workout style and eating habits and taking a weight-gainer protein powder. 

What has been one of the greatest challenges you’ve faced?

Ruba: One of the biggest challenges I had felt the need to overcome was being overweight. I have lost over 60 pounds to date. Through staying active, using healthy supplements, and eating better, I have been able to lose the weight and keep it off! 

When times get tough, how do you stay motivated?

Luna: I’ve learned to understand what I can and cannot control, so I always remind myself all I can do is my best and let life do the rest! I also listen to great audiobooks and motivational speeches to sometimes remind me how far I have come!

When times get tough, how do you stay motivated? 

Ruba: When times get tough, I motivate myself by reminding myself how good it feels once I’ve accomplished my goal. Whether it be working out for the day or simply completing a task, once it’s done, that feeling is priceless. I focus on that.

Who inspires you and why?  

Luna: These days, to be honest, myself, and by myself. I mean, I went through a time of healing and self-love, and I was able to peel away layers of myself that I didn’t know existed and and learn what I am capable of. Each layer inspired me to push the envelope to find out what else I could learn and what else I could achieve.

Who inspires you and why?

Ruba: My sister Luna inspires me to stay fit and chase my dreams as an artist. No matter what obstacle, she stays motivated and inspires me to do so even on the days I don’t want to!

Ruba and Luna Ibrahim within a music studio

What are three fitness lifestyle tips you live by? 


I don’t believe in “diets.” It’s a lifestyle change because diets are “temporary.” 

The hardest part is getting started.

Find a workout that works for you, a.k.a. sports, gym, fitness classes, etc.

What is the most important piece of advice you would offer to someone who wants to be like you?

Ruba: Find what works for you to stay active, and then stay consistent! And, eat the things you love, just in moderation and balance! 

Luna: Protect your energy, be your own best friend, do what you love and challenge yourself! Investing time and energy into yourself will be all the motivation you will need, knowing your capabilities and that you really can do what you put your mind to! 

What is the most important advice you would give someone who wants to be like you? 

Ruba: The most important advice I would give someone who looks up to me would be, “If I can do it, you can do it.” Sounds cliche, but really, I never thought I would be a fitness inspiration or an influencer to so many. Whatever your goal may be, don’t make excuses, stop procrastinating, and just start! Because you can do it!

Favorite quote or mantra?


“Nobody can destroy your dreams.”

“I don’t chase, I attract.”

“Forget the risk and take the fall if it’s what you want. It’s worth it all.”


 “Patience is a virtue, but nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.”

What is your training routine like each week?

Luna:  Four days a week, two days upper body and two days lower body

Ruba: I make sure to work out at least four times a week. I change up my fitness workouts and focus on a different body part each day so my body continues to stay in shock mode versus stabilizing. 

Nutrishop supplements currently taking?

Luna: Laxodren, Forzaone Preworkout, Stance BCAA, Forzaone Gainer, SuperGreens, Rejuvix Joint, Daily Detox

Ruba: Multi-Source Collagen Peptides, Omega 3s, Laxodren, Betabol, Supergreens, Daily Detox, Glumatic, BCAA Complex 

What is your favorite Nutrishop supplement so far and why?

Luna: Laxodren was one of my recent additions, and I would say within a week I saw a huge difference in my body, more lean and able to see muscles I haven’t seen before! 

Ruba: I love the Nutrishop supplements that I’ve added to my health routine. To date, my favorite products include Trailhead Nutrition’s Multi-Source Collagen Peptides (It’s amazing and tasteless. I love to put it in my coffee!), Laxodren, and definitely Omega 3! 

What is your most notable achievement?

Luna: Pushing my limits and showing people what I am capable of through music and fitness. With our songs being played worldwide, I am proud to inspire women to work out and be fit! 

Ruba: I’ve been able to lose 60 pounds the healthy way through eating healthy, and working out, and I have kept it off! As a group, I’m just ecstatic that our music is now streaming on all platforms! I always imagined that, and happy it’s a reality! 

Future goals? 

Luna: To push further! To me, we’re just getting started, and the sky is the limit! I can’t wait to be on stage with thousands of fans and inspire women on a large scale to follow their dreams and know how powerful we women really are!

Ruba: To be able to touch so many lives through our music and platform! We also hope to use our voice to end animal cruelty and save endless animals from abandonment. To be on your TV screen, sharing our story and inspiring others! That’s a big goal of ours. To entertain as a family, but to also inspire many cultures and women to chase their dreams! 

Anything else? 

We hope to have a reality show of our life. Not only will it be entertaining with all the crazy personalities in our family, but to show the process of following your dream while going against the cultural norm.